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Office for Student Success Texas A&M University Office for Student Success

Alexia Williams

Alexia Williams

Program Coordinator I, Routh First-Generation Center

Phone: 979-458-6790

Alexia Williams attended Texas A&M and recieved her Bechelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Performance Studies. During her graduate program she reserached Free Jazz and analyzed the impact the social climate of the United States had on the genre.She is from Alief Houston, Texas and is also a first-generation student. Prior to joining the Routh First-Generation Center as a Program Coordinator, she served as a peer mentor for first-generation students at Texas A&M throughout her undergraduate years. In addition to fulfilling the role as a peer mentor, she has worked under the Performance Studies Department as a Graduate Assistant. 

Alexia is excited to continue serving students at Texas A&M University and assisting them through their academic careers! 

Advice for Students:  It's okay if you don't get it the first time and it's okay to ask for help. Run your race at your own pace!