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Required Content Fall 2021

Please note that we have created this lesson to be delivered by the Peer Mentor. This is a challenge by choice and not mandatory, but they have the option to lead this lesson if they would like. 

Lesson Plan
Email Templates
Lesson Background Resources: 8 Dimensions Foundation; SAMSA Wellness Booklet; Swarbrick Wellness Model

Train the Peer Mentor Video

Train the Instructor Video

Updated August 3, 2021

As you plan your course for the fall, be sure to include the four required common lessons within the recommended range of weeks. This timing has been strategically recommended by the content teams to: 1) Align with the transitional and developmental needs of new students and 2) Allow sufficient time for the development of community within the class for certain lessons, as some are most effective once the students have developed comfortability and trust with one another to promote interaction and open communication.


Instructor Resources

Due to the Labor Day holiday and Fall Break, course calendars for classes that meet on Monday/Tuesday are appreciably different than those for courses that meet Wedneday/Thursday/Friday which are not impacted by these holidays. As such, a different sample syllabus has been provided for each scenario.
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Office for Academic Innovation Service Desk

 If you have any questions or need assistance teaching online with any of the resources, please contact the Office for Academic Innovation Service Desk.
EMAIL:  Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
PHONE:  (979) 458-3417

Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m


Life Maps: Lesson Plan
Create a life map, like those shared in class, which charts your life from birth to being a student at Texas A&M University. Include significant people, places, experiences, goals, values, and/or beliefs. You will also create a list of 3-4 academic, social, personal wellbeing, or career goals for your semester and/or your time at Texas A&M. You will share highlights from your life map and goals in a 1-minute informal presentation to your classmates.

"Did You Know?" Presentations: Did You Know Resource Sign Up Example
In pairs, students will be responsible for preparing a brief “Do You Know?” Presentation which will be shared with classmates at the beginning of each class period starting the third week of class. For this activity, you will select a presentation week and a University office, program, resource, or opportunity. Then you will research and educate your classmates on this topic or area (2 minutes) during class on your selected week. You can share this information either as a traditional “live” presentation or as a video. Please provide your classmates with a brief handout (no more than one page) sharing the highlights of this resource area (location, contact info, website, hours, services provided, any other relevant information). This will be a way we can learn about all the University has to offer students.

Aggie Bucket List: Aggie Bucket List
In teams of 3-4, complete 3 items on the Aggie Bucket List. Document your adventures together through photos, video, or other media. Prepare and submit to Kayleigh a creative 2-4-minute multimedia presentation (video, Prezi, PowerPoint presentation, etc.) to share your adventure with your classmates. These will be presented during Week 11. There will be a prize for the best presentation as voted on by the class.

Dear New Aggie Letter: Rubric
Write a letter to a future new student that synthesizes your first semester of college. Describe what you’ve learned, experiences that have challenged you, highlights of your first semester, people in the Texas A&M or Bryan/College Station community who have impacted you, and any advice you have for an incoming Aggie. Minimum Length: 1 full page typed, single spaced OR 3 minutes for a video reflection.

Peer Mentor Resources

  • Peer Mentor Training
  • Pre Class Email Template
  • Peer Mentor Learning Contract -- This document is used to help peer mentors set goals, identify measures of success, and think through what accountability will look like in this role. This is not a requirement (except for OSS sponsored sections, i.e. Kayleigh Campbell Supak is your boss) but is highly encouraged to help peer mentors communicate with their instructors what they hope to gain from this course. 
  • Peer Mentor HUddles -- This is an opportunity for you to join the other Peer Mentors from across campus to share ideas, experiences, successes and failures. We will provide the space for you to reflect, learn from others, and help build community around the HU Peer Mentor Experience. 
    • HUddles will take place on the following days/times:
      • August 31 at 7:00 PM
      • September 14 at 7:00 PM
      • September 28 at 7:00 PM
      • October 12 at 7:00 PM
      • October 26 at 7:00 PM
      • November 9 at 7:00 PM
      • November 23 at 7:00 PM
      • December 7 at 7:00 PM
    • All HUddles can be accessed with this Zoom link:

Video Resources

Utilizing Technology to Enhance Engagement and Community


I Don't Feel Comfortable Talking About This (But I'm Going to Anyways): Facilitating Conversations on Respect & Inclusion


All About Canvas
Recording was not made; please refer to the Canvas section under Instructor Resources for additional information. 

Fantastic Facilitation

Understanding Traditions
ABC's of FYEs

PowerPoint PDF

Syllabus and Course Planner

Using Technology to Help First-Year Students with Their Transition to Texas A&M


Increasing Student Motivation and Engagement Online Using Active Learning

Using Universal Design for Learning Principles to Promote Student Success, Motivation, and Engagement 

Supplemental Resource
Supplemental Resource
Brown Bag Recordings - Summer 2019

Hullabaloo U Brand

Supplemental Content Lesson Plans

Additional Content