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Advising Awards & Recognition

UAC Awards

University Advisors and Counselors recognizes a New Advisor, Innovative Advising, an Advising Team, and Excellence in Graduate Advising.  In addition, UAC presents the annual Margaret Peters award. Information on all of these awards is available on the UAC website.

Advising Team Award Nomination
Ed Guthrie Advising Award Nomination
Excellence in Graduate Advising Award
Innovative Advising Award
Margaret Annette Peters Advising Award
New Advisor Award
National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Outstanding Academic Advising Award
President’s Meritorious Service Award

President’s Award for Academic Advising

Texas A&M University and the professional association, University Advisors and Counselors, each have a series of awards to recognize outstanding Academic Advisors.  Awards are distributed at the annual UAC Awards Breakfast scheduled in May of each academic year.

The President’s Award for Academic Advising is coordinated by the Office for Student Success and selected by a committee of students and Advisors.  The award recognizes up to five individuals who exemplify the qualities and practices of exceptional academic advising.  The call for nominations goes out in the spring of each academic year. 


New this year, the Office for Student Success will recognize an individual and a team for notable advancement in the use of EAB Navigate in supporting student success.  The CONNECTED Awards will be recognized at the annual UAC Awards Breakfast in May. Deadline for nominations 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 3, 2020.

CONNECTED Advising Award (Individual)