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About Us

Welcome to Aggieland Class of 2026!

To amplify student success needs at Texas A&M University by assessing and addressing policies and procedures supporting initiatives focused on student persistence, achievement, and timely graduation. 


Collaboration We believe student success requires the expertise of our campus partners to address and respond to all students who need resources and support.
Equity We believe equity underscores a commitment to access, community, opportunity, and advancement for all students. Our team is committed to removing barriers and institutional obstacles for all undergraduates.
Action We believe in action that is student-centered, intentional, and proactive. We are willing to do the hard work to increase the retention and timely graduation of all students.
Inclusion We believe every student – including those from historically marginalized groups – should be provided the tools and resources needed to succeed. We strive to celebrate and honor all backgrounds, abilities, and learning styles within our campus. 

The Office for Student Success was created in 2019 to retain more students, increase four- and six-year graduation rates and decrease disparities.  Specifically, the following goals have been established for first-time in college freshmen entering in fall 2019: 

  • Increase first year retention from 92% to 95%
  • Increase four year graduation rates from 56% to 65%
  • Increase six year graduation rates from 82% to 85%
  • Decrease achievement disparities described above, whether ethnic, first-generation college student status, gender, and socioeconomic.

Initial efforts will be to support programming for incoming freshmen.  However, future years will focus on success at the sophomore, junior and senior year, incorporating more high-impact practices.