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Mission and Values


Academic advising is a collaboration between a student and an academic advisor.  Through teaching and learning experiences, the student sets goals, acquires information and services, and makes decisions consistent with interests, goals, abilities and degree requirements.


Academic advising at Texas A&M University is an important component of student learning, contributing to the success of all students through:
  • Supporting student achievement of the University Learning Outcomes and commitment to learning for a lifetime;
  • Being responsible to and respectful of the individual student;
  • Encouraging commitment to lifetime learning by directing students toward opportunities to interpret, reflect upon, and apply their classroom experiences in ways relevant to their careers and their lives;
  • Interpreting and conveying Texas A&M University’s mission to students;
  • Supporting the educational policies, procedures and values of the department, college and university;  likewise, academic advising relies on the support and resources of the university, college and department;
  • Involving other university programs, services and individuals, when appropriate in the advising process;
  • Being responsible for professional academic advising, training, development and practices.