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Transfers Words of Wisdom

Transfer students talk about their first semester after transferring to Texas A&M.

"I spent my first two years at a different university and definitely struggled with making  genuine relationships. There wasn’t a mentorship program at my university, so I really    believed that I was the only one going through the roller coaster of emotions that is college life. I felt like I was supposed to have my life perfectly planned out, instantly meet my future bridesmaids, and excel in all of my courses. I eventually learned that it takes time to develop yourself, your relationships, and your academic routine." ~A.K.
"As a transfer student the most challenging thing I had to overcome is starting over. At Texas A&M University–Commerce I was fortunate enough to meet a group of people that I became close to and could consider my family away from home. However, when I transferred the most challenging thing was meeting people but now, a semester and a half later, it is safe to say I have made the same connections as I did in Commerce." ~M.V.
"Other juniors had internships lined up and a few even had offers for future jobs. I let my embarrassment about not having everything figured out keep me from creating relationships with other individuals. I never had to worry about sitting alone or not knowing anyone to ask for homework help at my last college. This past summer I took a class that was specific to my major with 30 students total and was able to make friends and build relationships with students in my major. Going into this next semester, I don’t feel the need to fit in with cliques and friend groups." ~A.B
"In all honesty, becoming immersed in the aggie culture. When I first stepped onto A&M, I told myself I would never say, “Howdy!” or “Gig’em!” or shockingly “y’all”, now fast forward to last Thursday where I was at the game singing Hullabaloo with my friends cheering on our fighting aggies. I really did try to resist, but this place really does just grow on you, and now whenever I reminisce about those days where I didn’t like the color maroon, I just love to think about how much I’ve grown and changed." ~R.V.
"The classes at A&M are, on average, four times the size of those at Blinn, so it was definitely difficult to get used to the lecture size. I’m typically one to try and get to know my teachers on a personal level but I have a harder time doing that here than I did at Blinn." ~J.K.
"The best experience I have had is interacting with students and professors on a daily basis. I love getting to know other students and learning from professors’ experience and knowledge. I also love the culture at Texas A&M. The honor code is something I always admired about A&M. I believe it is rare to have a university so explicitly address issues of integrity, honesty, and hard work." ~C.D.
"I was regretfully unprepared, nervous, and overwhelmed. The engineering fair is such a massive, high energy, high stakes event that it was initially too much to handle. Yet, it still is a very important event that cannot be missed, so I gained the help of an upperclassman that guided me through it and better prepared me for next career fairs." ~S.C
"Personally, my transition to A&M was a lot more difficult than I had originally planned. During my first semester at A&M I was also going through health issues that were not quite exposed to me yet. It took a while to adjust or even figure out the opportunities that A&M provided for me such as an Academic Success coach, disabilities center, mentors and several others. I have attempted to get plugged in in every way possible to further my academic success and A&M provides a lot of opportunities." ~B.B.