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Transfer Peer Mentor Application Instructions  

We are glad you are interested in joining our team.  The application application is a three-step process:  (don't worry, it's relatively short and designed to streamline the interviewing process) 

How to apply as a Transfer Peer Mentor (TPM):


Step 1 - You will download and complete the short-answer TPM Application Questions.
Step 2 - You can choose  (2) references and forward this link TPM Reference Survey and ask them to complete the forms ASAP. 
Step 3 - You will complete the Transfer Peer Mentor Application online.

*You CAN submit your application form and short-answer questions before your references complete their form. 
We we suggest you follow up with your reference ASAP to ensure they have submitted them.  Since we have several positions to fill, we review candidates and interview students throughout the process until all slots are filled. 

 Before you begin the online process, please do the following:
  1. Carefully read the Transfer Peer Mentor Position Description for eligibility.
  2. Read the FAQ's.
  3. Download the GRAPHIC view of your class schedule to upload with your application.  You will need to use the clipping tool to cut and paste to a WORD doc or screenshot your schedule.    SAVE in the following format:
    • First & Last Name – Graphic Schedule – Month/Day/Year
    • Ex. Justin Smith - Graphic Schedule - 12/11/21.
  4. Download and complete  the TPM Application Questions (Step 1) and SAVE in the following format:
    • First & Last Name – TPM Aplication Questions – Month/Day/Year
    • Ex. Justin Smith - TPM Application Questions - 12/11/21.
  5. ​Forward the TPM Reference Survey to (2) references.   Your references can be anyone of your choosing, however, a premium will be placed on faculty, advisors, employers, supervisors, organization leaders, former teachers, counselors, coaches and university affiliated personnel.

Deadline to Apply: Wednesday, February 8, 2023

APPLY for Transfer Student Peer Mentor 

Applications are to be completed online. 
For questions, please email