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You can meet with a transfer peer mentor about anything, and we mean ANYTHING.  Mentors can share academic tips  and get you connected with resources on and off campus, and as a bonus, they're friendly. 

Common Topics

Test prep & review 
Note taking & reading for multiple course techniques
Learning styles 
Academic Stress 
Goal setting 
Faculty expectations 
Major second-guessing 
Fitting in
Finding peer groups 
Roadblocks for non-traditional students at a predominantly traditional school 


How to Meet with a Transfer Mentor

  • Go to NAVIGATE (link coming) to view mentors office hours 
  • Select a time that works for your schedule 
  • *Please complete the quick intake form to help us better prepare for your visit 

Mentors will be available at the Transfer Village Monday-Friday 
Hours posted daily on our CALENDAR page 
Mentors will be available across campus several times during the week for quick questions or to simply say "Howdy!" 
12th Man Hall, 1st Floor MSC Tuesdays TBD
Evans Library, 1st Floor
(across the reception area)
Wednesdays 10-12 pm 
Barclay Center, 1st Floor  Fridays  11-2 pm 

To chat, please email ( at least 30 minutes prior to when you'd like to meet to allow both parties time to set up.  Same-day appointments are available in most cases.