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Gen1 Peer Mentors

The Gen1 Peer Mentor is a 9-month, student leadership position and reports to the one of the Program Coordinators of the Gen1 Learning Community. Peer Mentors engage in direct contact with students who are: recipients of the Regents' Scholarship with majors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, and the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, and the President’s Achievement Scholarship. This position is to help students learn success strategies to and fully engage in all aspects of their educational experience at Texas A&M University.

Peer Mentors contribute to the advancement of first-year students by assisting students with their academic, emotional, social adjustment, and personal development. Peer Mentors help students adjust to college expectations, develop student skills, and become more motivated as learners.

To apply to become a Gen1 Peer Mentor students must: 

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at Texas A&M 
  • ​Have and maintain at least a 2.5 GPR at the end of spring semester after submitting an application  
  • Be able to fit a FEYX 101 course section in their schedule 
  • ​Be able to complete at least one year of service 
  • An interest in assisting in facilitating classroom activities and discussions 
  • ​A desire to gain presentation skills and individual mentoring skills 
  • The desire to impact students, give back to the Gen1 learning community, and go above and beyond to make a difference! 

Gen1 Peer Mentors spend about 12-15 hours per month on Gen1-related tasks. These tasks include (but are not limited to): 

  • Peer Mentor team meetings 
  • ​FYEX 101 preparation and facilitation  
  • Development/Enrichment activities 

Peer Mentors receive training in August and January, and attend various events with Gen1 during Howdy Week. Peer Mentors receive monetary compensation for their time and effort in supporting Gen1 students. 


Peer Mentors Responsibilities 

  • Help new students navigate their transition from high school to collegiate surroundings  
  • ​Support students to improve their ability to articulate and formulate plans to actively pursue and achieve their academic and career goals 
  • Help students develop confidence and positive attitudes about learning 
  • ​Peer Mentors must attend and actively participate in all Peer Mentor training and retreat sessions as well as any additional meetings and events indicated by the GEN1Learning Community staff. 
  • Complete Human Resource trainings by deadline. 
  • ​Work within a team to implement the GEN1weekly meeting [75 minutes] 
  • Attend weekly meeting with coordinator and community team to prepare for In-GEN1Sessions [1 hour] 
  • ​Attend all-GEN1 events as required, assist as needed. 
  • Establish ongoing connection 
  • ​Be responsive and available 
  • Be creative and flexible with communication methods with students 
  • ​Serve as primary mentor for one CARE Team in the community (12-15 freshmen) 
  • Peer Mentors will meet with each student in the CARE TEAM at least twice/semester outside of GEN1Sessions. 
  • ​Act with integrity and ethical behavior 
  • Peer Mentors are expected and encouraged to ask questions when unsure or clarification is needed regarding any of their responsibilities. 



  • The Peer Mentor position is a full academic year commitment in order to provide a strong mentor relationship with students over the course of the year. 
  • ​Peer Mentors must maintain a TAMU cumulative GPR of 2.50 or better and a semester GPR of 2.50 or better however a 2.75 is preferred. Failure to maintain this standard may result in the loss of your position or probation. Should both semester and cumulative GPR fall below a 2.0, the Peer Mentor will likely be released from their leadership role.  
  • Peer Mentors must maintain full-time student status during the course of their appointment (co-enrollment at Blinn Community College may be counted). Peer Mentors must limit their academic course load to no more than 16 credit hours per semester. Additional hours are approved at the discretion of their coordinator and on a case by case basis. 
  • ​Peer Mentors must discuss all extracurricular involvement with their Coordinator and be prepared to scale back in other areas if commitment to GEN1Learning Community responsibilities begins to falter.  
  • Peer Mentors may not serve as a first semester RA, FISH Camp or IMPACT Counselors for sessions that conflict with Peer Mentor training or GEN1functions during Gig’ Em Week; Senior leadership role in the Corps; President or Executive Board of large organizations or events (Big Event, Greek Life, etc.) and other leadership positions that will significantly impact a Peer Mentor’s ability to balance their additional jobs and extracurriculars with their academics.