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Thank You Letters

Why Write a Thank You Letter?

Saying thank you can be such a part of our daily lives that we may not think to take the time to make it a separate or special consideration, or you may feel uncomfortable thanking someone in a verbal or public manner (and that is ok). A thank-you letter is a great way to recognize a person or people in your life who you would like for them to know that you appreciate their presence and support.  

What We Are Asking You to Do:  

During National First-Generation College Student Celebration Day, we want to celebrate YOU, but also those who you feel have helped you during this journey. Today we invite you to take a moment to say thank you to those that you believe has helped you become the Aggie that you are today!

Not Sure Where to Start?

Try answering these three questions:

  1. Who can you write this thank-you letter to? 
    1. Ex: Mom, Dad, an Aunt or Uncle, Sibling, or maybe a teacher, counselor, or friend
  2. What is something specific that you would like to thank this person for?
  3. How has this individual's support impacted your life?
These are just a few questions to get you started. Please know that this is not a script. A thank-you letter is a deeply personal note, and only you know how to best express your thanks to those you feel support you in your journey.

Sending Letters

The Office for Student Success would love the opportunity for you to thank those you feel have supported you! If you would like to write a thank you letter, we will provide the envelopes and postage. Bring your thank you letter to Hotard Hall Lobby by November 9th, address your envelope, and OSS will take it to the post office for you. If no one is present at the front desk, you may leave your letter in the drop box by the front desk. If you prefer you can email your letter with the name, address where to send it and we will send it for you. You can email it to
  • Galveston students can drop off letters in the SLC Suite (MAIN 2nd floor) by Nov 9th or at the Cookie Celebration & CALS will mail it for you.

Sharing Your Thank You 

Interested in a digital option? Record your message on our Flipgrid channel and get a shareable link to send to those you wish to thank.