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Faculty & Staff Resources

We are committed to student success at Texas A&M University. As part of the Office for Student Success, we, the Routh First-Generation Center, place a high priority on creating an environment in providing resources that empower faculty and staff to support and contribute to the advancement of the education outcomes for first-generation students at Texas A&M University. To accomplish this goal, we wanted to provide a centralized site for faculty and staff to learn about campus involvement opportunities, support life-long learning, and practical resources as they pertain to working with first-generation students.
In partnership with the First-Gen Forward and First-Gen Network groups, we want to provide professional development opportunities such as workshops and training to increase their awareness of first-generation students' college experiences. Also, we want to showcase the work of faculty and staff across various mediums such as conference presentations, publications, dissertations/thesis, and reports related to first-generation students. Furthermore, we want to highlight data-informed practices to advance student persistence, academic achievement, and graduation.
We believe these opportunities will promote cross-campus partnerships, enhance faculty and staff pedagogical approaches, and aid in increasing the awareness of first-generation student experiences on campus. For more information about the First-Gen Network, please contact the Routh First-Generation Center.