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Program Requirements

First Year Requirements
Live on campus
You should apply for housing through the on-campus housing website at within 30 days of being admitted to Texas A&M University for priority housing or by May 1 at the latest; however we suggest applying for housing as soon as possible. Living on campus is an important part of the college experience. As an on-campus resident, you will have the opportunity to live in a community, get involved in residence halls and campus events, have access to trained residence life staff members for advice, make lasting friendships, and have easier access to classes and extracurricular activities.
Attend the Regents’ Scholars Orientation
Each fall, first year Regents’ Scholars participate in the Regents’ Scholars Orientation prior to the start of classes. The orientation is held during Howdy Week, Aggieland’s Official Week of Welcome. You will have the opportunity to learn information on financial aid management, academic life, and student life.
Participate in an Academic Success Program
Regents’ Scholars participate in an Academic Success Program as designated by their college during their first year at Texas A&M. Success programs provide first year students the best academic start for college and provide skills and knowledge to excel in their academic, professional, and personal lives. Programs typically have designated courses, out of classroom learning experiences, social and service activities, and peer or faculty mentors.
Attend the Regents’ Scholars Spring Reception
You will attend the spring reception at the end of your first year during which students reflect on their past year while networking with their fellow Regents’ Scholars.
Beyond the First-Year
Continued participation in Regents' Scholars Program in Years 2 through 4
The RFGC staff and several colleges are developing high-impact experiences for students beyond the first-year that include study abroad, undergraduate research, and internship experiences. Check here for more information in the coming months.