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First-Generation Coordinating Committee

Texas A&M has a rich history of programs that support first-generation students. One of the most important responsibilities of the Routh First-Generation Center is to coordinate with other first-generation programs and those that serve large numbers of first-generation students. This is primarily done through a coordinating committee that meets biweekly throughout the school year on Thursdays at 2pm.

The Committee Charge
The First-Generation Coordination Committee will serve as a communication hub and consensus building body for all first-generation programs and initiatives at TAMU. The committee will discuss first-gen student issues and logistics, examine first-gen campus data, and advocate for needed change and support.

Committee Membership
  • Jason Mastrogiovanni, OSS
  • Charlotte Moore, OSS
  • Bari Brookins, CLA
  • Bonnie Bustos-Rios, COE
  • Donald Curtis Jr, SPH
  • Casey Gros, SFAID
  • Danielle Harris, CALS
  • Henry Huebner, CVMBS
  • Lucia Lopez, McAllen
  • Krista McBrien, Galveston
  • Sabrina Niemeyer, CVMBS
  • Kelley O'Neal III, CEHD
  • Carlie Pierre, Mays
  • Cruz Rios, Student Affairs
  • Juanita Rodriguez, SPH
  • Roxanna Russell, COG
  • Todd Stricherz, CON
  • David Wentling, COA
  • Laura Wimberley, LAUNCH