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Navigate For Advisors and Staff

Navigate Campus provides advisors and staff at Texas A&M with an advanced advising system that utilizes predictive analytics and tools to provide students the absolute best information and advice possible in supporting their success.
Specifically, Campus will allow for advisors and staff to do the following:
  • Create availabilty for student advising appointments and drop-in times allowing students to easily schedule through the system
  • Record appointment summaries from sessions with students
  • Add reminders
  • Easily see how many students visited with you over the semester
  • Send students automatic reminders of scheduled appointments
  • Create appointment campaigns to streamline appointment making for students and easily track scheduling
  • Quickly search for students within specific parameters
  • Communicate with students quick and easy

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  1. Login at - As an EAB institution we have access to resources such as the EAB Best Practices Library which houses a number of white papers, articles, toolkits, etc. on student success. Reigster your TAMU email at by setting up an account and customizing your preferences. 
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2021 CONNECTED Awards
The Office for Student Success is excited to recognize an individual and a team for notable advancement in the use of EAB Navigate in supporting student success. Nominations are due April 2, 2021 at 5pm. Please click the links below for nomination criteria. 
If you have questions or concerns please email Shelby Salmons ( 
  • CONNECTED Advising (Individual) Award - The purpose of the CONNECTED Advisng award is to recognize an individual for notable advancement in the use of EAB Navigate in supporting Texas A&M's student success initiatives. 
  • CONNECTED Team Award - The purpose of the CONNECTED Team Award is to recognize a team for notable advancement in the use of EAB Navigate in supporting Texas A&M University's student success initiatives. 


Navigate Basics

  1. The toolbar allows users to open functions in Navigate like calendars and advanced search.
    •  Home Button - select this to return to your main home page. 
    •  Calendar - select this to sync your Outlook with Navigate and see your calendar. 
    •  Campaigns - select this to see current campaigns, start a campaign and check your campaign.
    •  Advanced Search - select this to create a search using a variety of parameters & searching features.
    •  Lists & Searches - select this to view your Student Lists and Saved Searches. 
  2. The alerts bar allows users to see instant notifications. Notifications include students who have checked in for appointments, unread emails in Navigate, and minimized advising reports.
  3. The term selection allows users to view information in the current term. This also allows the user to toggle between previous and future terms. 
  4. This is the Quick Search. The user can search by First & Last name, UIN, or TAMU email. The advanced search in the toolbar provides more parameters. 
  5. This is the EAB Help Center. 
  6. The Quick Links provides the user access to schedule a general event, access to previously downloaded reports and create appointment campaigns. The user will have varied Quick Links according to permissions. 
You will need to request initial Navigate assistant or advisor access through your unit's PAA.
Once processed, access will be reflected in Navigate after an overnight run of data. 

If you have an advisor, staff member or student worker who needs access to your unit's Appointment Center and Kiosk please email after they have been granted access. 
Navigate and Microsoft Outlook have calendar syncing capabilities. When given access, Navigate will read your Outlook calendar as free/busy. 
If you need to sync your calendar, click here.
Is the synching between Outlook instantaneous if an appointment is added to my calendar?
  • Yes. However, not always. The way it should work is anytime the user makes an adjustment in Outlook or Navigate, it will automatically sync. If the user doesn't adjust anything, it will refresh every 30-35 minutes. For a user's first sync ever, that can take up to 10 minutes to full load all calendar events. Also, if items don't seem to sync you can check for error in the Calendar tab. If you are in error, please email to request a reset. 
Why won't certain events sync on my calendar?
  • There are several reasons why events do not sync on your Navigate calendar. First, a recurring event with no end-date will not sync in Navigate. Recurring events with more than 750 instances also will not sync. 
Navigate has the ability to assign students to advisors. You can request advising assignments by emailing

Assigned students are displayed on the "Staff Home." A drop down arrow next to "My Assigned Students for Term ___" will allow advisors and staff to see their advisees as well as student lists and saved searches. By selecting a list, advisors can send mass emails, add to student lists, and export the list. 
Students can schedule advising appointments with Advisors, Academic Success and a few other units through Navigate. To do this, advisors and staff need to creat availability at a specific location with specific appointment reasons. To set availability:
  1. Select the "My Availability" tab under "Staff Home."
  2. Select "Actions" then to create new availability select "Add Time" or to duplicate existing availability select "Copy Time."
  3. Follow the prompts to choose the day(s), hours, appointment type, location and service types you provide.
    • We suggest setting separate availability for Appointments and Drop-Ins. 
    • Please use either "Range of Dates" or "Forever" when setting a duration. 
Optional Availability Additions:
  1. Add personal Zoom Room link or phone number in the URL box. 
  2. Add additional information in the details box at the bottom of the pop up. This information is seen on the pre-confirmation page and the confirmation email. See examples below.
    • Please review your degree planner before your meeting.
    • Please come prepared to your meeting with questions.
    • Please do not come to your meeting if you are feeling ill.

How to Set Appointment Availability
An Appointment Summary should be your main reporting tool when you meet with a student. These are detailed templates with fields of information to guide you as you record your appointment. Documentation provides continuity and consistency in advising, increases communication between departments, and improves advising relationships with students. 

Reminder, these reports are FERPA protected. Click here for Navigate Communication Guidlines. 
A function within Navigate that allows you to create unique cohorts of students based on the layering of various search parameters which can be used as the foundation for building appointment campaigns or tracking student progress.
  1. Log into Navigate via Howdy and from the staff home page click the magnifying glass icon in the maroon menu on the left.
  2. Click the headers to see the filters.
    • For example, click the "Area of Study" header to search the students in your major.
  3. Once you have selected all of the parameters, then select the blue search button at the bottom of the screen.

REMINDER: Advanced Search does not display historical data for students in the list, you can create parameters on historical conditions.

Once your results generate, you can take these actions:
   1. Send a Message
   2. Create Appointment Summary
   3. Appointment Campaign
   4. Schedule an Appointment
   5. Tag
   6. Note
   7. Add to Student List
   8. Export 

If this is a search you perform frequently, you can save the parameters and every time you click the saved search it will give you current data. To do this, you will click save at the top of the search results and name the search. 
Your saved search will be housed in the Lists and Searches on your maroon tool bar. 
A student list is a static list of students, it will only change if the user updates the list. The user can create a student list three ways:
  1. Through an Advanced Search.
    • After you have generated results, select all items.
    • Click Actions and Click Add to Student List. 
    • Choose an existing Student List or Create a New List.
  2. Upload a list of UINs from a CSV Excel File.
    • Choose Lists & Searches on your maroon tool bar.
    • Click Actions and Upload Student List.
    • Chose a list or create a new one.
    • Choose file, the file has to be CSV or it will not upload.
    • Choose UIN column. If it a large number of students, upload might take a few minutes.
  3. From the Student Profile.
    • Search a student.
    • Click Add to Student List in menu on right hand side.
    • Choose a Student List or Create a new one. 
Main features of the Student Profile:
   1. 30 Second Gut Check is to show the advisor critical details regarding the student's performance. 

   2. Class Info - this part of the Student Profile contains detailed historical and current course information for that student. This will include some pre-college information such as ACT or SAT scores. 
   3. History Tab - This section of the Student Profile collects previous visits to support centers (ASC, tutoring) and advisor reports. 
  • ​What is the best browser for Navigate?
    • EAB recommends using Firefox or Google Chrome for Navigate.
  • How do I sign into Navigate?
    • You can access Navigate by signing into your Howdy Portal and clicking the Navigate icon at the top of your screen. You can also bookmark the Navigate link and CAS in. 
  • When is Navigate updated?
    • Updates happen overnight; these could include course changes, changes of major, advisor assignments, etc.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions?
    • Check for your unit specialist below first. If they are unable to help please email with your question.  
  1. Appointment Campaigns
    • Navigate now allows for the students to schedule within their class times IF you switch this setting on in your Campaign Details. This function is switch off as a default.
    • This does not allow for students to schedule during your Outlook meetings that are existing, ONLY calss times.
    • If you previously launched a campaign, you are able to edit your campaign and turn this feature on.
  2. Time Zones
    • You can now see the time zone our university is locationed in across the platform
      • Availability
      • Upcoming appointments for both staff and student.
      • Web based scheduler for students
        • Students in other time zones can schedule an appointment throug the Navigate Student App, add the appoingment to their decive calendar and see the time for the appointment in their time zone.
If you have added special instructions to your availability, this appears at the top of the confrimation email the student receives. 


Introduction for academic advisors to Navigate functionality.
March 22nd, 9-10am
How to use the Appointment Center & Kiosk for appointment management. This is for those that run their front desk
This will be an introduction to functionality and prerequisite for Campaigns 101.
March 22nd, 10:30-11:30am
Introduction to designing, running and tracking Campaigns. The prerequiste for this is the Advanced Search, Watch Lists & Saved Search training. 
March 22nd, 1-2pm
March 22nd, 2:30-3:30pm
This will be a discussion of best practices and assessment of effectiveness. 
Introduction to a Navigate analytics tool. This tool provides insight to academic performance and progress of student in their current term. 
Navigate Specialists by Unit



Academic Success Center

Dr. Joel McGee

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Kelly Essler

College of Architecture

Michael White

Mays Business School 

Camilla Rhome

College of Education and Human Development

Hannah Malcomb

College of Engineering

Laura Olivarez

College of Geosciences

Roxanna Russell

College of Liberal Arts

Allison Rivera

School of Public Health

Dr. Don Curtis

College of Science

Sara Thigpin

College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Kayla Gibbs

Transition Academic Programs

Sherrice King


Dr. Jon Kotinek

College of Pharmacy Amanda Galvan

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