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Student Success Help Desk

Boosting Retention and Graduation
The Student Success Help Desk (SSHD) is a resource for students who encounter roadblocks or barriers to help them stay on track for graduation, preferably within four years. The SSHD staff actively listens to the student's issue or concern and determines the best course of action to help find a resolution. SSHD staff explains general policies and procedures, talks through the situation and possible solutions with the student, gives student action items to work on, and directs the student back to their academic advisor or other appropriate campus resources.
Student Success Help Desk Checklist

  • Have you made contact with your Academic Advisor within the Department/College?  They are most knowledgeable about your degree plan and curriculum.
  • You have made contact with Student Business Services and Scholarships and Financial Aid to resolve all financial issues?
  • If your wellbeing is contributing to the problems you are experiencing, have you used the resources provided by Student Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services or a private provider?

If you have attempted the above and have not been successful and still have questions or concerns, contact us by submitting the form, emailing, or calling to schedule an appointment at 979-458-6111.