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Hullabaloo U Opportunities

Hullabaloo U General Sections – UGST 181, Sections 426-479 – 0 Credit
Hullabaloo U provides a welcoming and affirming environment for each student, a faculty or staff instructor who is committed to their success, a peer mentor to help them navigate the transition experience, and a community of other first year students. The content of the course is relevant, responsive and timely to equip them with the skills needed to achieve their unique academic and personal goals, take advantage of campus resources, and contribute to our diverse and inclusive environment as a member of the Aggie community.

Generation Z Leads Through Strengths – UGST 181, Section 423 – 0 Credit
This seminar course will provide students an opportunity to explore the concepts of leadership and service through a creative lens. Students will participate in class discussion and experiential learning that will aid in the transition from high school to college. The CliftonStrengths® assessment from the Gallup organization will serve as a foundation for the course.

Information Exploration – UGST 181, Sections 402-405 – 0 credit
Explore the world of information in all of its formats – print, digital, and multimedia - through the resources of the University Libraries. In this learning community, students will have an opportunity to learn to engage critically with information and develop a solid foundation of research skills that will support their learning in a variety of disciplines. Students will learn to find, evaluate, and ethically use information to enhance their academic degrees and foster an ethos of lifelong learning. They will also use the lens of research and critical evaluation of information to explore the FYE common themes. As a bonus, participating students will get a behind-the-scenes look at the University Libraries, including such unique and varied elements as the media studio, special collections, book history, and preservation.
Student Wellness FYE – KINE 199 - 1 credit
Section 600 – Archery - Tuesdays, 11:10-12:25
Section 601 – Racquet Sports - Thursdays, 11:10-12:25
In this course, content and activities emphasize the whole student by exploring eight dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, financial, spiritual and environmental. Students integrate a focus activity (archery, racquet sports, or yoga) to increase current and lifetime activity, fitness and wellness. A team-based approach allows students to connect with, and support, one another as they successfully navigate their first year at Texas A&M.

Hullabaloo U: Residential Cluster - UGST 181, Section 410 – 0 Credit
Limited to: On-Campus students only 
This section of the Hullabaloo U experience focuses specifically on students who live on campus. These sections will offer content for residential students to engage in the on campus community with other students as well as support them through their first year here at Texas A&M University
Achieving Inclusion with All Aggies – UGST 181, Section 418 – 0 Credit - Thursdays, 3:55-4:45
All Aggies are invited to join our first year program, "Achieving Inclusion with All Aggies." This course welcomes all incoming freshmen and includes the inaugural cohort of four students enrolled in Aggie ACHIEVE. Aggie ACHIEVE (Academic Courses in Higher Inclusive Education and Vocational Experiences) is a four-year inclusive higher education program for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to expand their interests and prepare for employment in the community. Aggie Achieve students will live on campus, attend TAMU classes, join clubs and organizations, and integrate fully into student life at Texas A&M University. Join this course to be part of history and learn what makes Aggieland so special! In this course, we will cover introductory topics to the university, explore issues of diversity and inclusion on campus, and share amazing collective experiences as Aggies.

Spectrum LLC: Acclimating to College – UGST 181, Section 417 – 0 Credit - Wednesdays, 4:10-5:00
Spectrum Living Learning Community and College of Education students only
Spectrum welcomes all students with a connection to the Autism community. Students participating in Spectrum may be individuals with Autism or have an interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders. This course is designed for students to gain a greater understanding of how to successfully live and learn in the college environment and the opportunities available at Texas A&M University. Students will develop their knowledge about campus resources and services available to them. This class aims to assist students in cultivating active learning behaviors inside, and outside, the classroom through learning about study skills and techniques for engaging with course materials and activities. By the end of the semester, students will have the opportunity to learn more about healthy physical, social, and emotional behaviors and receive encouragement to implement applicable strategies to optimize their day-to-day functioning.