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Hullabaloo U Course Fund Requests

The Office for Student Success has funds available to support your Hullabaloo U course and activities.

Historically, each instructor has automatically received $100 per section to use to support the class experience. In order to receive Classroom Funds for the 2021-2022 academic year,  instructors or program coordinators will request funds via the process described below.  

These funds can support basic class necessities such as supplies and materials, but can also be used to support innovative ideas for course enhancement, community building, campus engagement, and collaboration between sections/ communities. Funding awards will likely average around $100 per section. Fund requests, particularly to support innovative ideas, can be for more than $100 per section.
The priority deadline to submit fund requests is July 16. The first round of funding decisions will be communicated by July 30. If funding remains after the priority process, fund requests will be gladly accepted and approved on a rolling basis.
Priority will be given to requests that clearly articulate how these funds will help you achieve Hullabaloo U's common outcomes: 1) Community formation and sense of belonging, 2) Increased campus engagement and/or awareness of campus resources, 3) Development of skills to achieve personal and academic goals, 4) Preparation to contribute to a diverse and inclusive environment.
Submit a Course Fund Request