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FOCUS Learning Outcomes: C.A.R.E.

Connection…Students will:

  • Build strong, supportive connections with peers, faculty, and staff
  • Find and utilize a mentor or guide to assist and support throughout the college experience
  • Become an active, involved member of the TAMU community
  • Collaborate with peers to achieve personal and group success/goals

Achievement…Students will:

  • Identify and implement characteristics and skills of a successful college student
  • Utilize resources for personal and academic growth
  • Increase self-management skills and take purposeful action in pursuit of goals


Respect…Students will:

  • Accept responsibility and ownership of actions and decisions
  • Demonstrate respect for people, ideas, culture, and perspectives that are similar or different than one’s own ideologies
  • Demonstrate effective communication by giving and receiving constructive feedback, utilizing appropriate means of communication for the intended audience, and articulating sound judgment

Exploration…Students will:

  • Clarify educational and personal goals
  • Identify and define personal strengths, values, beliefs and areas for improvement, and take ownership of individual action