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Routh First-Generation Center

The Routh First-Generation Center, under the direction of the Office for Student Success, is dedicated to providing support to all first-generation students at Texas A&M University. Support for our students includes programs and advocacy for students as well as coordination, professional development, and advocacy for the faculty and staff that work with them.

What is First-Generation?
The Office for Student Success enthusiastically supports, serves and celebrates first-generation Texas A&M University students (i.e. students whose parents have not earned a bachelor’s degree) from admission to graduation!  The Office for Student Success, in collaboration with colleges and other departments, aims to increase the success of all first-generation students at Texas A&M.

Although you may not officially be identified by Texas A&M as a first generation student, we want you to know that the Office for Student Success is also here to support pioneering students like yourself whose parent(s) or guardian(s) may have completed a degree non-traditionally later in life or obtained a degree internationally. See our First-Year Experience page to learn more about our programs for first-year students.

First-Generation students make up close to 25 percent of the undergraduate population at Texas A&M. Being a first-generation college student is an accomplishment that should be celebrated! Texas A&M offers various programs with meaningful co-curricular opportunities through advising, mentoring, and group interaction designed to promote transition, retention, and progress to graduation for first-generation students.