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Advising Diversity Certificate

In the fall 2021, the Office for Student Success launched an Academic Advising Diversity Certificate pilot program. The aim of this pilot program is to educate academic advisors about current social justice issues in higher education that impedes students’ persistence, retention, and degree completion. 

In this year-long pilot program, advisors attend a number of modules, submit biweekly reflection papers, and complete a final project. 

Upon completion of this program, academic advisors will be better able to:
  • Enhance knowledge on social justice issues and historically marginalized and minoritized students' experiences.
  • Understand the historical context of Texas A&M and how that impacts a sense of belonging and student success for historically marginalized and minoritized students.
  • Demonstrate and cultivate inclusive advising programs, practices, and climates that welcomes all students from different lived experiences and backgrounds.
  • Recognize and analyze the ways in which policies, processes, and practices impact social and cultural equity in higher education.

Download the Diversity Certificate Program Syllabus

To learn more about the pilot program, contact the Student Success Help Desk at