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Task Force Coordination

Executive Committee

2019 Task Force Recommendations

In 2019, the steering committee returned to the task force to examine three new areas of focus regarding student success. These subcommittees were Belonging, Climate, and Culture, a focus on Regents Scholars scholarships and programming, and Transfer students.
Subcommittee Membership Rosters Charge

Belonging, Climate,
& Culture

  • Obtain and review relevant scholarship and data on belonging (curricular and co-curricular) for different populations that attend TAMU (ethnicity, first generation status, gender and socioeconomic status)
  • Provide recommendations on how to improve a sense of belonging for all students
  • Review existing efforts and provide recommendations on how to further support students who identify as Hispanic/Latinx, as TAMU approaches Hispanic Serving Institution status
Regents' Scholarship & Program Requirements Membership
  • Outline holistic review criteria for selection of Regents’ Scholars 
  • Determine level of funding for entering class of 2020, based on cap of 750 students
  • Suggest programming for  year two of the Regents’ Scholarship Program, with strong consideration of high impact on-campus internships
  • Obtain and review relevant data on numbers of applications, admissions and yield.  Disaggregate data where possible.
  • Track movement of students within majors once accepted and time to degree.
  • Suggest improvements to Transfer Admissions, which might include different processes, data, and financial incentives.

2018 Task Force Recommendations

In 2018, the steering committee charged a group of faculty and staff from across campus to tackle four areas of focus regarding student success. These subcommittees were Academic Advising, First-Year Experience, a Help Desk strategy, and Regents' Scholars & First-Generation student programming.
Subcommittee Membership
Academic Advising Membership
  • Enhance academic advising through the use of predictive analytics.
First-Year Experience Membership
  • Identify how a common first-year experience can scale the size of Texas A&M down to a personal level.
Help Desk Membership
  • Study how a graduation help desk can eliminate barriers to graduation.

Regents' Scholars 
& First-Generation

  • Improve the Regents’ Scholars Program to maximize tuition support, retention and graduation.
2018 Taskforce Report