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Student Success Operations Committee

The purpose of the Student Success Operations Committee (SSOC) is to:‚Äč

  • Work collaboratively across organizational lines (Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management, Student Affairs, etc.) to identify barriers to student success and propose solutions for improvement.
  • Provide a venue for all campus members to raise areas of concern, inquiry, or improvement related to student success.
  • Serve an organizational function for existing campus-wide committees related to student success (e.g. First-Gen Coordinating Committee, Academic Advising Administrators).
  • Provide a knowledge sharing venue for all student success activities across campus.
SSOC Members
Last Name First Name Title Department SSOC Role
Mastrogiovanni Jason Executive Director Office for Student Success Chair
Kerstetter Dawn Senior Administrative Coordinator I Office for Student Success  
Armstrong Andrew Director of Advising Office for Student Success - Advising OSS-Advising Rep
Balester Valerie Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Studies, Executive Director of ASC and Writing Center Undergraduate Studies - Academic Success Center US-ASC Rep
Baltazar Angelina SGA Senator First-Gen Student SGA Rep
Bentz Adrienne   Associate Director of Analytics Office for Student Success - Analytics OSS-Analytics Rep
Blazer Lisa Associate Vice President Enrollment Management  
Coleman Valerie Program Coordinator of Transfer Office for Student Success - Transfer OSS-Transfer Rep
Das Rajeeb Senior Data Scientist Data Science DS Rep
Datta Sumana Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Studies, Executive Director of LAUNCH Undergraduate Studies - Launch US-LAUNCH Rep
Dorsey Alicia Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness & SACSCOC Liaison OIEE OIEE Rep & SACS
Driver Tonya Director Multicultural Services DSA-DMS Rep
Eneks Brandie Director of Freshman Admissions Admissions Admissions Rep
Falks Delisa Assistant Vice President Scholarships and Financial Aid SFAID Rep
Fields Joe Senior Associate Athletics Director Student-Athlete Services US-Ath Rep
Fowler Debra Director Center for Teaching Excellence CTE Rep
Goff Margot Assistant Director Data and Research Services DARS Rep
Heidick Venesa Registrar Registrar Registrar Rep
Jeffery Justin Assistant Vice President Division of Student Affairs DSA Rep
Kannappan Ramesh Assistant Vice President Enterprise Information Systems EIS Rep
Kenimer Ann Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies Undergraduate Studies US Rep
Klein Andrew Professor & Former Speaker of Faculty Senate Geosciences FacSen Rep
Lange Peter Associate Vice President Transportation Services Transportation Rep
Lightfoot Jennifer Executive Director Student Business Services SBS Rep
Lima-Filho Paulo Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Studies, Executive Director of the Math Learning Center Undergraduate Studies - Math Learning Center US-MLC Rep
Malnar Meredith Director of FYE Office for Student Success - First-Year Experience OSS-FYE Rep
Palomin Leticia Program Manager of RFGC Office for Student Success - Routh First-Generation Center OSS-RFGC Rep
Rydl Chareny Executive Director Residence Life DSA-Res Rep
Scott Timothy Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Student Success Provost Ex officio - SSEC Rep
Watson Arthur Executive Director Transition Academic Programs US-TAP Rep
Widmer Jocelyn Assistant Provost for Academic Innovation Academic Innovation AI Rep
Winkler Angela Assistant Director Student Assistance Services DSA-SAS Rep