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Reflections from Marketing Intern Jada Gonzalez

Published on 11/30/2020 2:11:59 PM
By Jada Gonzalez '20

My time working for the Office for Student Success has been short, but full of lived experiences. It has been a privilege and an honor to write articles about OSS events and topics like healthy relationships, Hullabaloo U, and the first-generation experience. Through the mentorship of program coordinator Andrew Barker, I was able to learn the skills of meeting deadlines, planning and staying organized in the profession of journalism and marketing, and what it takes to work in a professional environment. Through my time working for the OSS, I have realized I want to continue in the field of higher education and student affairs. I would like to thank the Office for Student Success for allowing me to intern for them this fall semester because it has shaped my last semester at Texas A&M more than anyone will ever know.
As this is my final semester at Texas A&M University, I want to leave some advice to any undergraduates reading: As of now, college is a privilege and although you may want it to go by quickly, you should slow down and take a breath. These are the years that you can discover what change and effect you want to have on the world, so use your time wisely and go forth and conquer.
We must all remember to treat everyone how we want to be treated, especially in today’s world. We must be respectful by accepting the feelings, rights, and traditions of others, and we must be inclusive by acknowledging and embracing everyone’s differences. We must also be willing to learn and grow from our mistakes and biases. We are all different, and all lead different lives in this world. As the famous Aggie saying goes: “We are the Aggies, the Aggies are We.” We must try to uphold the values of respect and inclusion for the good of our Texas A&M community.
Our world needs opportunities to develop respect and inclusion every day. To learn more about respect and inclusion, check out the podcasts below. I have selected these podcasts because they are both entertaining and feature diverse stories about the lives of everyday people.
Latinos Who Lunch: This podcast is hosted by FavyFav, a Latino artist, and Babelito, a Latino Art Historian. They discuss issues related to intersectionality between queer, Latinx, and Spanglish voices. They talk about how intersectionality can often be ignored in the discussion around diversity and inclusion, and how society cannot treat an ethnicity or culture as a label. They feature topics from food to identity to history. This podcast is one that can be entertaining and fun to listen to with friends during a study break.

Con Todo: Brown Love: This podcast is hosted by Dascha Polanco, an Afro-Dominicana actress, and is adopted from the Netflix show Gentefied. This podcast celebrates the multi-faceted US-Latinx experience by speaking with Netflix actors about topics like machismo mindsets and what it’s like to be a third-generation Latinx. I personally love this podcast because, as a Latina, it is nice to know that my culture can be celebrated in so many ways.

Code Switch: This podcast is hosted by NPR’s Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby. They offer great insight into intersectionality and how the experiences of people of color play out in everyday life. It allows the listeners to come to their own conclusions about issues such as whiteness, racism, and discrimination. In my opinion, everyone should listen to this podcast; however, this show has an intense nature and should only be listened to in inclusive environments.