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"Prize Patrol" Celebrates Advising Award Recipients

Published on 6/26/2020 12:00:00 AM

COLLEGE STATION – June 26, 2020 – With university events being rescheduled due to COVID-19, representatives from the University Advisors and Counselors executive board and the Office for Student Success organized a “Prize Patrol” and car parade to honor the recipients of the 2020 Advising Awards in place of the annual banquet.
“We are living in unique times and times like this call for out of the box thinking,” said University Advisors and Counselors President-Elect Analicia Leiva. “The car parade offered us an opportunity to do something special and unique for these award winners that has not been done before, just like our current situations.”
The “Prize Patrol” met the recipients at their homes and offices to present them with a commemorative yard sign as their peers drove by with decorated cars and flags. Recipients of the CONNECTED awards, President’s Award for Academic Advising, Ed Guthrie Advising Award, and more were honored with the car parade.
Associate Director  Adrienne Bentz hand-delivered the inaugural CONNECTED Awards to an individual and an advising team for notable advancement utilizing EAB Navigate in supporting student success. 
“The Prize Patrol and car parade were amazing for me,” said Bentz. “It was nice to bring smiles to awardees with yard signs recognizing them to the community.”
With 30+ recipients, the Prize Patrol visited the homes and offices of the recipients over a week. Academic Advisor and Student Success Help Desk administrator Tabitha Foreman planned the car parade route and had a big hand in organizing the Prize Patrol.
“I felt it was important to celebrate and recognize these advisors. Academic advising is a very challenging job,” said Foreman. “You have to love advising students and appreciate the field in order to be successful. It’s really the least we could do to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication to students that these advisors put in every single day.”

CONNECTED Advising Award (Individual)
Emily Kaufman Baumann, Academic Advisor IV, Department of Political Science
Engineering and Academic Student Affairs Advising - Edwin Aguilar, Randal Allison, Anna Budvitis, Robert Carlisle, Adrian Garza, BB Gaytan, Alison Hecker, Analicia Leiva, Laura Olivarez, Tammy Thomas, Nick Toliver, and Shelby Wallace.
The President’s Award for Academic Advising is given to individuals who embody exceptional academic advising. These individuals possess strong conceptual knowledge of fundamental and novel advising theories, as well as relational skills that provide effective academic advising. On behalf of President Young, the recipients of the 2020 President’s Award for Academic Advising are:
Alyssa Brigham, Academic Advisor III, Department of Statistics
Eileen Hoy, Academic Advisor III, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Laura Olivarez, Assistant Director, Freshmen Engineering Academic Advising Services
Jennifer Rhinesmith-Carranza, Academic Advisor III, Department of Animal Science
Daniel Springer, Academic Advisor III, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education
The annual UAC advising awards recognizes individuals who embody the spirit of caring, compassionate, skillful advisement, and genuine concern for the welfare of individual students. On behalf of the University Advisors and Counselors, the 2020 UAC Award Winners are:
Ed Guthrie Advising Award
Amber Salvato, Academic Advisor IV, Department of Animal Science
Excellence in Graduate Advising Award
Katie Bryan, Academic Advisor IV, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Innovative Advising Award
Lindsey Randolph, Program Coordinator of Tutoring, Academic Success Center
Amelia Parnis, Program Coordinator of Supplemental Instructions (SI), Academic Success Center
Margaret Annette Peters Advising Award
Dr. Rebecca Creasy, Lecturer, Department of Nutrition and Food
New Advisor Award
Tyler Laughlin, Academic Coach, Academic Success Center
Advising Team Award
Center for Student-Athlete Services- Scholastic Supervisors - Chris Barttlebort, Dan Childs, Nakia DeBlanc, Harper Fletcher, Garry Gibson, Joshua Hadley, Michael McGee, Kristi Mejias, Mindy Phillips, Molly Tye and Jonathan Wallace
To learn more about each UAC award, please visit
The UAC Awards Breakfast Committee is planning a celebration to recognize the award winners in June. More information is forthcoming. Congratulations to all of our award winners!
In the spirit of the university’s commitment to excellence, the University Advisors and Counselors organization strives to provide support for advising and counseling at Texas A&M University. The quality of advising and counseling at certain critical stages can impact the students’ educational experience, retention and ultimately the student’s entire life. In providing support for advising and counseling, the University Advisors and Counselors seek to provide the optimum atmosphere for the student’s academic development through increased professional communication.
The Office for Student Success was created by in 2019 to retain more students, increase four- and six-year graduation rates, and decrease achievement disparities. As an initiative of the Office of the Provost, the OSS provides programming and support for incoming freshmen and undergraduate students to help them connect to the university and remove barriers to success. Programs include the First-Gen Center, the first-year experience course Hullabaloo U, the Student Success Help Desk, and the Navigate Student app.
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