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Major Mania Returns for Two October Sessions

Published on 8/13/2021 4:18:49 PM
After the success of Major Mania 2020's virtual sessions, the Office for Student Success and the Student Success Help Desk team are preparing to host in-person sessions for Major Mania 2021. The purpose of Major Mania is to educate students about Texas A&M degree programs and how colleges support their students. Students are invited to attend one of these sessions: According to the National Center for Education Statistics (2017), about 33% of college students changed their major at least once before graduation. Educating students early into their educational journey can help ensure students remain enrolled and successful at Texas A&M.

During Major Mania, representatives from each college will be available to talk to students about majors, minors, and resources offered through their college. They can also discuss what careers students can pursue with a degree from their college and graduate achievements. 

The Student Success Help Desk (SSHD) is an advising resource for students who have a question or need help, but don’t know who to ask. Some issues may be as simple as registering for a required course, while others may include more extensive processes such as being admitted to upper-level requirements. The SSHD helps students navigate these obstacles and stay on track for graduation in four years. The SSHD staff works with faculty, staff, and advisors across campus to resolves these issues, and students can access the SSHD through making an appointment with one of our SSHD advisors through Navigate, chatbot, online form, email, or phone number.

The mission of the Office for Student Success is to amplify student success needs at Texas A&M University by assessing and addressing policies and procedures on student persistence, achievement, and timely graduation. As an extension of the Office of the Provost and the Student Success Initiative, the OSS was created in 2019 to increase first-year retention and timely graduation rates and decrease achievement disparities. To all undergraduate, first-generation, and transfer students: we are your advocates. OSS programs include the first-year experience course Hullabaloo URouth First-Generation CenterTransfer Student ProgramStudent Success Help Desk, and EAB Navigate.