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Hullabaloo U

Howdy Class of 2024! We are so excited to welcome you to Aggieland! 

Hullabaloo U is Texas A&M’s first year experience course. First year students will learn about Hullabaloo U during their New Student Conference and select your desired opportunity during course registration. These courses are specifically designed to help new first year students make a successful transition to campus, both academically and personally.

Each student walking into a Hullabaloo U course will find a welcoming and affirming environment, a faculty or staff instructor who is committed to your success, a peer mentor to help you navigate the transition experience, and a small community of other first year students. Every course is capped at 30 students, so you will be able to develop meaningful relationships within a structured, small group environment. The 50 minutes you spend with your Hullabaloo U group each week is the space for you to process this huge life change you are all going through while surrounded by the support to help you thrive.

The content of the course is relevant, responsive, and timely to equip you with the skills needed to achieve your unique academic and personal goals, take advantage of campus resources, and contribute to our diverse and inclusive environment as a member of the Aggie community. In most cases, Hullabaloo U is a zero-credit course so there are no additional tuition or fees assessed for it; it is free for new students!