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Student Success Operations Committee Projects

In 2020, the Student Success Operations Committee began a multi-year institutional self-study to tackle historical boundaries to the success of students at TAMU. Using a framework provided by the Educational Advisory Board (EAB), the committee intends to examine 3-4 projects a year in workgroups. The examination will be a deep dive into areas of inquiry in each historical boundary. The smaller workgroups will report back to the entire committee for discussion and feedback throughout the year. Insights from these discussions are intended to improve institutional practice.

Administrative Processes and Policies Workgroup

EAB Boundary Description: Student-facing registration and hold policies do not unduly and unnecessarily prevent students from enrolling and returning. Academic leaders have aligned policies that nudge students to make better choices, and they regularly review policies to discover hidden policy roadblocks.‚Äč

First Name Last Name Position
Andrew Armstrong Director of Academic Advissing, OSS
Adrienne Bentz Associate Director of Analytics, OSS
Sumana Data Assistant Provost, Undergraduate Studies/LAUNCH
Venesa Heidick Registrar
Jennifer Lightfoot Executive Director, Student Business Services
Jason Mastrogiovanni Executive Director, OSS

Areas of Inquiry
  1. Conduct and audit of existing campus holds.
  2. Analyze qualitative responses from students who contemplated leaving the university as indicated on the graduation survey.
  3. Analyze student responses to academic advising questions in the graduation survey.